Philips Respironics Remstar Pro C-Flex CPAP Machine - $100 (Milford)

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condition: excellent
make / manufacturer: Philips Respironics Inc
model name / number: 560P & DS6HFLG
I have a Phillips Respironics System One REMstar SleepMapper Auto CPAP w/ A-Flex & Heated Humidifier set for sale. It is preowned but in Great Working Condition, See pictures for details. The same model sells at $490 to $1200 online.

I will provide the pipe upon request.

Delivery is available you pay $20 for shipping and handling costs.

Feel free to Text Tony at Nine---78,,,///4five---7-02Four==2 with any further questions.

Info from the manufacturer:

The System One REMstar with Auto CPAP w/ A-Flex & heated humidifier device is intended to augment your breathing by supplying pressurized air through a circuit. It senses the your breathing effort by monitoring airflow in the circuit and adjusts its output to assist in inhalation and exhalation. This therapy is known as Bi-level ventilation. Bi-level ventilation provides a higher pressure, known as IPAP (Inspiratory Positive Airway Pressure), when you inhale, and a lower pressure, known as EPAP (Expiratory Positive Airway Pressure), when you exhale. The higher pressure makes it easier for you to inhale, and the lower pressure makes it easier for you to exhale.

When prescribed, the device can also provide features to help make your therapy more comfortable. The ramp function allows you to lower the pressure when trying to fall asleep. The air pressure will gradually increase until the prescription pressure is reached. Additionally, the Bi-Flex comfort feature provides increased pressure relief during the expiratory phase of breathing.


Auto EPAP Technology

EPAP will distinguish your breathing patterns and determine the differences between obstructed apneas and apneas where your airway is clear. The Respironics PR System One has an auto titrating algorithm which allows for the device to operate like a typical Auto CPAP, adjusting to your breathing when needed to help maintain a clear airway.


If enabled, the device is equipped with a linear ramp function. The Ramp feature will reduce the pressure and then gradually increase (ramp) the pressure to the prescription pressure setting so patients can fall asleep more comfortably.

Rise Time Comfort Feature

If enabled, the device provides a comfort feature called Rise Time. Rise time is the amount of time it takes the device to change from the expiratory pressure setting to the inspiratory pressure setting. Rise time levels of 0, 1, 2, or 3 progressively reflect slowed response of the pressure increase that will take place at the beginning of inspiration. A setting of 0 is the fastest rise time while a setting of 3 is the slowest. Providers should adjust the rise time to find the most comfortable setting for the patient. Rise time cannot be adjusted when Bi-Flex is enabled.

SV Algorithm

Servo Ventilation will provide a smooth breathing pattern by changing pressure when needed on a breath by breath basis. Your peak flow will be monitored throughout BiPAP use, and the SV Algorithm will support a stable breathing cycle.

Philips Respironics System One Resistance Control

Designed to attain your optimal pressure in the mask, resistance control will monitor the resistance on the mask and will automatically change the pressure settings at the mask that you receive a consistent pressure from the tube on the mask end.


Helping to increase your comfort during BiPAP therapy, a humidifier will help manage the rainout in your tube and mask. Consistent humidity will be delivered into the tube providing relieve at the mask. Rainout can cause irritation after sleep apnea therapy by allowing for excess moisture into the mouth or nose during use, resulting in side effects such as a sore throat or dry nose after undergoing BiPAP or CPAP therapy. There are three different levels of humidity available that you can choose from, allowing you to raise or lower your humidity dependent upon your daily needs due to the inclement weather in your room.

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