Punk Drummer Needed ASAP (CT (We Practice in Shelton, Play Everywhere))

We are a four-piece band that has been together since mid-2022. We have done a few recordings, a ton of shows, and have more shows booked -- with pans (and lineups) for shows on August, Sept, Oct, and beyond that we cannot confirm until we have our new drummer. We have a chick singer. We all pretty much write our own parts, but are more than happy to help out when we get stuck on something. It's a democracy. We vote on things. Our singer has a weird-ass talent that she can listen to us write a song, lay on the floor and amend something she already wrote (and might have 100 songs sitting around), or just write new lyrics and have a song right then and there.

We're chill. Ya screw up. oh well. We dust off and move on. Things happen. Unless you don't come to practice -- and don't bother to call. Or never have money for it. Or don't have a car. Or we have no idea where you are and cannot get in touch with you. Ya know, things that are kind of deal-breakers in **all** relationships. Nothing about this makes us want to have a party... but we want a drummer who wants to play with us, practice, play shows, make videos, take photos, AND DO THINGS. Is this you? If so, hit us up, and we will send you links.

We all live in (ugh) Fairfield County, but our singer is always running around the state at various shows -- we are friends with sooo many bands in the state, make shows all the time, and want you to be... ONE OF US! ONE OF US!! ONE OF US!!!

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