Cockatiel and Lineolated parakeet (Waterbury)

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Hello, I am trying to find a home for my pet birds, I would like them to stay together but not a requirement.

Phoenix (male cockatiel) was a rescue, he is approximately 3 years old, he was rescued from someone who was sold a 3 week old bird and was told he would be able to eat on his own, well that wasn’t the case, he almost died but I nursed him back to health and hand fed him. As a result his posture( especially when flying) is a bit weird due to malnutrition. He’s very shy but will let you pick him up, needs to trust before he will let you give him head scritches.

Hazel, female green lineolated parakeet was from a breeder who has since moved. She is not the most hand tame at the moment, she has never bit us, we just haven’t been able to take them out as much as we used to. She is adorable and makes cute noises, neither bird is very loud.

They each have their own large cage and should be kept separate unless during supervised out of cage time as Phoenix is scared of everything but they enjoy talking to each other during the day and will call for each other if one is away from the other.

Honestly, they are great small birds, the only reason I want to find them homes is because I am dealing in with some health issues which is why they have been having limited time out of the cage which is truly unfair to birds. They would need to go to someone that knows about birds and is willing to keep learning. This includes variety of diet and keeping their wings unclipped, appropriate handling, etc.

They would come with their own cage, I also have a ton of toy making supplies, a hand made stand out of a branch, another stand with one large perch, a smaller play area I made as well as other accessories, etc. I want to ensure they go to a good home so the adoption fee would be minimal, it’s not about the money, if interested please send me a message about yourself.

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