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If you are a truth seeking deeply caring person who is acutely aware of the HORRORS and extreme suffering of factory farmed animals ( & and desires to rent a room/apt. to someone who is ethically equal to you in concern about this catastrophic anti-animal nightmare then you have found the right person in me. Tragically, MANY people when informed of this evil animal holocaust perplexingly choose to avoid caring about these tortured innocent beings utilizing ALL manners of convoluted logic and invalid defensive excuses with extraordinary ultra-forceful resistance!!! I'm super quiet with no criminal record and a credit score over 700 along with a job in the school system that requires thorough background checks. If you are not vegan please don't contact me. Very sorry, but I had replies from regular vegetarians and there was just too much of a soul gap in our heartfelt animal concern. For example, the dairy cow endures much more overall abuse, brutality and violence than the beef cow and the same for the egg laying hen to it's male chicken counterpart. It is 2019 and smart phones should be making people smarter not more ignorant, am I wrong? No offense, but I simply believe in very basic and fundamentally easy to understand: "do unto other's", "thou shall not kill", "love thy neighbor as yourself", "that what you do to the least of mine.......", etc; of which I might add that most Christians still sadly fail to practice along with firm believers of other types of organized religion that is supposed to be making them MORE evolved and better people not less! That's what veganism is in a nutshell: kindness and oneness with all earthlings, see Also, animal agriculture is responsible for 52% of environmental destruction along with the very worst record for employee injury rates and other types of terrible human rights violations in the workplace. If people don't change we will have no Earth in the next century or so. Being vegan is fully supported by LOGICAL flawless science and is NOT a mere "personal choice", viewpoint or an opinion that is so common to hear in revealing people's severe lack of empathy and downright selfish hostility in using numerous dishonest (often sociopathic-like!) defense mechanisms to justify ignoring and rationalizing slaughterhouse atrocities, unbelievable!!! Elite scientists such as Einstein and Tesla promoted this way of living way back in the 1930's and 40's but our fake corrupt news media will avoid telling you about this. For example, a recent mass peaceful protest demonstration of almost 10,000 vegan activists in London crippled usual business and transportation for 12 city blocks and the next day the media completely avoided covering this highly disrupting event! WHY? $$$
I would prefer a studio apt. but I refuse to be ripped off when rents start at almost $1000/month or more due to the utter greed of most landlords. I have millionaire landlord relatives with rental prices of $850 each for a shared 4 bedroom apt.! For all those misguided "people first" believers out there the website proves how the world's top cause of preventable human death, heart disease, gets reversed or eliminated in almost all cases through a whole foods plant based diet. Hence, you automatically save millions of humans when you save billions of animals: factoid. Also, the TOP reason for human world hunger is caused by the animal agriculture industry! For those of you who still don't get it, what is it about people needlessly starving that you seem to have no problem in directly causing & perpetuating with your continued animal product "food" purchasing choices? What is it? Are you really satisfied with yourself for being the PRIMARY reason for creating such a catastrophic anti-human nightmare too? Understand now? No offense intended of course. Am I wrong to simply not want my rent dollars to be spent by people who are responsible for so much death and destruction?
Craigslist is not known for attracting quality people, let's just be honest about this. Many ads are fakes, cons, corrupt, invalid, outdated, etc, etc.... along with legitimate ads whose posters feel no basic courtesy whatsoever to respond within the standard 2-3 day business reply etiquette window. My ad is a long shot in seeking an unselfish evolved person who spiritually cares on a deep level. I might add that a genuine Medium told me last fall during a reading from Arch Angel Ariel that most humans on Earth fall under the category of being: HORRIBLE! Go to to validate the pure science of clear channel Mediumship abilities. Keep in mind that there are ascending levels, criteria and degrees of horribleness. Someone shock me by being a GOOD & decent person like the way Willy Wonka was shocked in the movie, 'Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory' when Charlie returned the Everlasting Gobstopper to him and he replied "so shines a good deed in a weary world"!
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