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Male VEGAN seeking a Room or an Apartment (New Haven area)

cats are OK - purrr
dogs are OK - wooof

If you are a truth seeking caring person who is acutely aware of the HORRORS and extreme suffering of slaughterhouse "farm" animals (www.FactoryFarming.org & www.HumaneMyth.org) and desires to rent a room or an apartment to someone who is equal to you in grave concern about this catastrophic anti-animal nightmare then you have found the right person in me. Tragically and perplexingly: when people are informed of this evil animal holocaust they will quite often completely avoid caring about these tortured innocent beings utilizing ALL manners of convoluted logic, false beliefs and invalid excuses with extraordinary forceful resistance! If you are not vegan for ethical reasons or at least moving forward in that direction then please don't contact me. I've had inquiries and exchanges from solidly stuck regular (flesh free only) vegetarians and there was just too much of a soul gap in our heartfelt animal protectionist concerns. For example, the factory farmed dairy cow (milk & cheese) endures MORE overall abuse, brutality and violence than the beef cow and the same for the (egg) laying hen to it's male chicken counterpart, see United Poultry Concerns at www.UPC-online.org to verify the latter. Smart phones have existed for 2 decades and should be making people smarter not more ignorant as the death toll has actually increased during this period! Am I being unreasonable or neurotic for believing in very basic and fundamentally easy to understand: "do unto other's", "thou shall not kill", "love thy neighbor as yourself" and "that what you do to the least of mine..."? Unfortunately, most Christians still sadly fail to fully practice these simple concepts along with firm believers of other types of organized religion that is supposed to be making them more evolved and better people NOT less! That's what veganism is in a nutshell folks: kindness and oneness with all earthlings, see www.EarthlingEd.com. Am I being "too sensitive" or "overly emotional" when I am depressingly reminded daily upon opening the fridge/freezer door that the indifferent people in my own household do not care the slightest bit in also being responsible for this horrific violent animal atrocity no matter how well I profusely and competently plead the animal's plight? Animal agriculture causes 51% of planetary destruction along with the highest injury rates and other types of the very worst employee abuse in the workplace. If people don't change we will have an environmentally ruined unsustainable Earth in the next century. Being vegan is fully supported by LOGICAL flawless science and is NOT a mere "personal choice", viewpoint, belief or an "opinion" which are commonly narrow truthless replies in revealing an apparent severe lack of empathy or possibly a deep impenetrable self centeredness. Or, it could be just purely innocent plain old fashioned intentional human ignorance in resisting ANY type of change including the fear often seen in rejecting a newly confirmed fact much like the multitudes who still believed in a flat Earth long after science proved otherwise! If not, then it might be the need for quick emotional comfort and the easy stressless convenience obtained from snap mindless loyalty in proudly conforming to the status quo such as the pathetic gullible masses blindly voting for a corporate controlled political party without doing ANY genuine research despite decades of Ralph Nader's clear factual articulation about politics. Also, rejecting veganism may be a psychological disorder (Cognitive Dissonance or Sociopathy?) in hearing a host of incredibly false, ridiculous, dishonest, heartless and shallow reasons as well as other types of combative defensiveness along with demeaning mock humor including tactically planned instant utter silence to justify rationalizing and ignoring brutal slaughterhouse violence, unbelievable! Is it really that difficult to reverse programmed societal conditioned thought control like in the movie, 'The Matrix' ? Especially in light of so much needless misery, suffering and agony inflicted on these beautiful creatures in addition to animal agriculture being the WORST polluter of our planet. As Arnold Schwarzenegger asked the dying alien in the movie, 'Predator' I'm also asking the same question to some of you: "What the hell are you"? The culinary arts reveal that there are hundreds of other peaceful flavors to choose from. Just watch the videos on the Facebook sites, titled: 'Hidden Evil' or 'Glass Walls'. Elite genius scientists such as Einstein and Tesla advocated plant based eating way back in the 1920's and 30's but our corrupt fake news media will avoid telling you about this. For example, a recent peaceful protest demonstration of over 10,000 vegan activists in London crippled usual business and transportation for 12 city blocks and the next day the media completely avoided covering this highly disrupting event! WHY? $$$
I would prefer a studio apt. but I refuse to be ripped off when rents start at almost $1000/month or more due to the greed of most landlords. I have multi millionaire landlord relatives gouging vulnerable graduate students $850.00 each for a shared tiny 4 bedroom apt.! For all those misguided "people first" believers out there the website www.DrEsselstyn.com proves how the world's top cause of human death, heart disease, gets reversed or eliminated in almost all cases just by switching to a whole foods plant based diet. Hence, you automatically save millions of humans when you save billions of animals: factoid. Also, the TOP reason for world hunger is caused by the animal agriculture industry! For those of you who still don't get it, what is it about people starving that you seem to have no problem in causing and perpetuating due to your continued animal product "food" purchasing choices? What is it? Are you really content with being the PRIMARY reason for creating such a catastrophic anti-human nightmare as well? No offense meant of course, I'm just asking. Is it wrong of me to not want my rent dollars paid to people whose spending behavior is directly responsible (it's basic supply & demand economics, $$) for so much abuse, suffering and death to millions of people annually? Wow, what an easily preventable hellish human debacle resulting from those people seemingly afflicted with a profound moral disconnect (no judgement intended) that is entirely caused by a simple "flavor" choice which is ruining the planet too. Understand yet? The website of The Good Food Institute, www.GFI.org can enlighten you more as the amazon rain forests (providing 20% of Earth's total oxygen!) burn by fires intentionally started by industry to obtain more acreage for cattle raising!
The history of Craigslist is not known for attracting high caliber quality people, let's just be honest about this. Many ads are fakes, scams, cons, corrupt, invalid, outdated, etc, etc.... along with legitimate posters who feel no basic courtesy whatsoever to respond within the standard 2-3 day business reply etiquette window along with not deleting their ads when already rented! My own ad is a long shot in finding an unselfish person who deeply cares. I might add that a 100% genuine Medium told me recently during an intuitive reading from Arch Angel Ariel that most humans on Earth are HORRIBLE (soul translation: willfully unevolved)! Want to know what percentage? Go to the website www.GeorgeAnderson.com to validate the pure lab-tested unquestionable proof and SCIENCE of clear channel Mediumship abilities of people who can accurately tap into upper echelon spiritual realms and dimensions in revealing higher truths and wisdom of all types. Keep in mind that there are ascending levels, criteria and degrees of horribleness. Someone shock me by being a GOOD person like the way Willy Wonka was shocked in the movie, 'Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory' when Charlie performs an act of selfless loyal decency in returning the Everlasting Gobstopper candy and forgoing $10,000 as Willy replied "so shines a good deed in a weary world"!
Many inquiries have revealed Arch Angel Ariel to be very correct about most people. From trolls to a deceptive yoga teacher who enthusiastically promised a phone call in "3 weeks" that never came (be careful who you give your full name and cell # to) and other fakes of various varieties. Also, there were random others for whom I applied directly to their housing ads and steered them to this posting as part of a personal introduction and they often reacted with abrupt avoidance in ending further communication which is exactly what I said above about the instant deliberate silence experienced when vegan education is attempted! I guess you can unravel and threaten someone's distorted and comfortable worldview way too much, an inconvenient truth? I revised these paragraphs dozens of times and made the details much better due to the unique self centered and negative comments I received and added them to my past animal liberation activism. As a result, my writing developed in greater depth in reading other closed minded and hateful replies in virtual identical language to the American southerners of the 1800's who actually waged war to prevent the liberation of human slavery too, unbelievable! Try it sometime: try patiently & peacefully informing people by listing numerous irrefutable vegan facts in the form of a controlled social experiment and just sit back and critically observe their defiant irrational responses and you will suddenly obtain some of the diagnostic skills needed to be a clinical behavioral psychologist. These hostile reactions frequently reveal a motivation lacking in the simple desire for the honest pursuit of basic truth for its own sake and even at times actually feeling "offended" when gently proving to them the harmful consequences of their choices. From 'Star Trek 4': "who ever said the human race was logical". Some legitimate replies lived far away or the rent was too high along with others not caring in similar magnitude with a strange "to each his own" mindset. Back to the words of Arch Angel Ariel: Approximately 70-80% of the population fall into the horrible category and there are nine levels of human horribleness with some overlapping. If you factor in what is already known about Craigslist users then we have at least 80% of those reading this posting who are too spiritually unevolved and deliberately dismissive to care about this multifaceted lifesaving vegan endeavor even when it can prevent the root cause of the worst environmental trashing of the planet, world hunger and unnecessary pandemic animal violence. Is the indoctrinated physical sensation of maintaining a specific flavor and taste on your tongue really that important to you "people"? Understand now? One final apt movie reference from actor Jack Nicholson to Tom Cruise in 'A Few Good Men': "you can't handle the truth"!
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