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Vegan looking for same for a room to rent from you (New Haven Area)

cats are OK - purrr
dogs are OK - wooof

I am a male "afflicted" with a belief which often feels like a disease at times known as Veganism, that is, believing in AND practicing kindness to ALL animals which is relatively rare on Earth although some Buddists, Hindus and most Jains share this mindset too along with a scattered few. I'm looking to rent a room from someone who understands this "affliction" caused by logical common sense reasoning & selfless compassion that was FULLY supported by the leading intellectual giants of science (ie: Einstein & Tesla believed in it, Gandhi too) who "suffers" from this same heart-felt simple belief (meaning you have to be Vegan too). The psychological ramifications from being vegan can cause one to experience a medical side effect of sporadic untreated depression directly resulting from seeing how so MANY people perplexingly & selfishly go completely out of their way in using all types of illogical ignorance to strongly resist this multi-faceted lifesaving truth despite the mountain of sky-high IRREFUTABLE evidence supporting this easy lifestyle change/choice. I'm quiet to live with and try to ascend spiritually in beliefs: no alcohol, drugs, smoking, etc. Also, I'm an activist in New Haven who scientifically proves on the sidewalks and streets at Yale the fraud and medical illogic of almost all animal "research" experiments with a focus on how it kills and harms millions of humans simply because "people" won't care about the animal atrocity aspect. I simply want to pay rent to someone whose monetary & lifestyle choices do not harm animals in any way. Is that such a bad and bizarre belief to practice and be concerned about "people"? If you are a regular vegetarian instead of an ethical vegan please do not contact me. I've had several vegetarians interested in renting to me and in conversation I saw that we were just too different in our heart, spirit and soul capacity for animals. I'm very sorry to phrase it this way but there was just a little too much of a gap in our mindsets and I don't mean this in a superior or negative manner either. Everyone is where they are at in their Earthly journey.
If you think my ad is too harsh or judgemental I will tell you that my initial posting was just a couple regular sounding lines in normal tone which received several shallow minded insults and downright mocking replies by those who seemed strangely offended by rational ethical values. This justified me adding much more and I mean MUCH MORE content in this ad while serving to put these ignorant "people" in their proper place without having to respond to each of them directly, thus proving my point. It logically follows that this posting won't be complete until I add a few educational websites for them and future mean-spirited trolls who probably secretly wish that they could care about truth as deeply as I care but their seemingly unevolved soul-level maturity just won't allow it, no offense to them or you of course:

www.FactoryFarming.com. www.ForLifeOnEarth.org www.VeganOutreach.org

"Do Unto Others Means Just That": for you rare real Christians out there


Wow, I just read that a pharmaceutical company in New Zealand is coming out with a pill for people like me that can turn me into people like most of you. It disconnects the mind from the heart while dulling other senses causing you to live your life with a much higher degree of indifference which guarantees that you will NOT care (the slightest bit!) about the evil holocaust [www.FactoryFarming.com] that innocent animals are subjected to on this planet. I look forward to saving up the money for airfare to New Zealand with hopes of being "normal" again in the same way most of you people are! Wish me luck please. It's all my fault though because I freely chose to drive to Washington, D.C. in 1996 & 1997 & 2002 to attend national animal rights conferences, stupid me for educating myself like that. When I came back I had a 100% failure rate in changing ALL my friends, family, "christians", coworkers, relatives, neighbors, etc..... about the horrors of factory farms because the ending of this evil holocaust will only occur if people stopped choosing to purchase this "food". This new med/pill will cure me of the error of my ways and make me realize I wasted about $40,000 of my scarce dollars on activism since attending those conferences along with wasting a lot of time too in writing about 60+ published local editorial advocacy letters and was always cash strapped due to the additional cost of being guardian to 4 dogs and 2 cats whose expenses I will never regret. I look forward to a future Thanksgiving dinner with my family so I can apologize for all those facts I cited to them in the past about extreme turkey atrocities and the violent suffering that these wonderful birds endure for this mainstream annual holiday meal and what beautiful creatures I had told them that they were. Upon departure from New Zealand how greatly I will regret donating $100.00 a few years ago to United Poultry Concerns in Virginia [www.upc-online.org] along with that hefty $40K too. I'm such a mess right now, don't you agree? What nerve I have in thinking outside the box like that, looks like I need another reading with my Medium. Whoops, you just caught me thinking unconventionally again in citing a belief in spiritual Mediumship, [www.GeorgeAnderson.com]!! George Anderson is a clear channel Medium who has been scientifically lab tested without error for all you archaic "believers" out there. This new miracle medication from New Zealand should cure that "false" science-based spiritual belief too thus making me more deeply unconcerned about truth like most of you reading this and I repeat again, no offense. Its not easy being me. My really excellent younger brother said to me last year that I must live such a tortured life! I had to remind him that it is the animals that are being tortured not me. AGAIN, see what I mean about "people". AND this is the guy who loaned me airfare and gave me a free ride to the airport to do a job-trial at Ironwood Pig Sanctuary [www.IronwoodPigs.org] in Arizona 7 years ago. In closing, (finally!) just last year when my mother received a clean bill of health from her Doctor, we celebrated at a local restaurant and you guessed it: that same brother casually ordered the pork-chop dinner! Now you know why I choose to put quotation marks around the word: people. In summimg up, how highly demented I must be to desire peaceful harmonious nonviolent coexistence for all beings to share the Earth equally. Mathematically, I estimate about only 10% (rounded upwards) of this planet's human population practice this "radical" way of living. Please forgive me if I am "forcing" my "beliefs" on you like my other older brother told me in a recent typed statement in raising my rent $75.00 a couple months ago after exclaiming in the same soft casual tone of voice as my younger brother: "God put animals on Earth to give us protein for food"! He said this despite seeing former cattleman Howard Lyman (www.humanemyth.org) speak for a whole hour at a local college in 1998! My ETA for arrival in New Zealand is in January and after treatment there I look forward to joining in mind-set the approximately 90% of Earth's humans who presently disagree with me. One more thing for you regular vegetarians out there: why are you stopping half way? The dairy cow goes through more suffering & brutality than the beef cow and the egg laying hen is the most abused of them all. Oh no, there I go again "offending" you with the facts please forgive me I'm really sorry. How dare I be fully honest and genuinely caring like that! Don't worry I'll get to New Zealand soon- - - - - THE END.

Oh, I forgot one last thing sorry I'm at it again like Detective Columbo: Those of you who are part of the above 10% and not having a rental room should consider helping me out with activism at Yale b/c I am all alone out there and could use a helper that CARES instead of paying someone on the New Haven Green downtown. I have an official legislative petition and a two sided fact sheet based on the excellent science based website: www.PatientsCampaigningForCures.org. Also, as a side benefit this outdoor educational outreach is REALLY fun probably due to the rareness of this type of activism and my local grassroots organization needs an additional member other than just myself: Medical Progress Through Awareness. A final reminder that Veganism is not about purity or perfection it is simply living your life without harming any animals in your daily choices, that's all. How deeply unevolved that the humans of Earth must be in that only 10% of it's inhabitants (at best) practice this logical choice which can simultaniously erase the top #1 cause of environmental destruction too, which is factory farming "people"! Understand now? No wonder that advanced benevolent E.T.'s avoid contacting us in mass and when they do make contact it is through rare individual people whose energetic vibrational frequency emit a trusting and very high soul-level growth and light quotient that I'm trying to obtain. OR, maybe it's me ------ maybe it's just me who is the "WEIRDO" here according to a recent reply who said I must have been dropped on my head at birth. My response was: "your right sir, I did get dropped on my head and when the hospital nurse picked me up they fumbled me like a football and I tumbled down a 15 step stairway causing additional damage to my head"! See, despite the serious tone of my ad I do have a sense of humor after all in case you were wondering! Also funny: at a protest at McDonald's in Simsbury, CT I had a drive-thru customer throw an entire 'Happy Meal' at me and as he sped away I side-armed as fast as I could the cheeseburger portion at him in the wrapper and it hit his steering wheel and I saw the pickles and onions fly upwards and land on his lap! No kidding. The child size coke he tossed landed on my shoe but the burger & fries missed and take a guess who the cop threatened to arrest. Me or the guy who tossed all this stuff at me first?

One last thing: When I got over the shock of my brother ordering the pig body part on the restaurant dinner plate a few weeks later and mildly mentioned it to my vegan mother (she's vegan for health reasons only) she screamed at me from the top of her lungs with some rant about it being "a personal choice"! See what I mean now about "people". ALL of my family members a grand total of 5 brother's and sister's and mother who don't give the slightest damn about my chief concern in life: needless violence to animals, what extraordinary selfish ignorance! If you STILL think I'm being harsh about "people" then my response to you is that since the 1975 seminal book 'Animal Liberation' was published, the year 2017 has seen more factory farmed animals killed than any previous year before it: case proven 100%! Has anyone changed from reading this ad? I doubt it. How very sad when this issue is simply practicing kindness to Earth's animals in your daily choices, that's all. The #1 source of depression in my life is knowing the willful indifference of so many people on this planet who reads the above facts & websites and STILL will refuse to change in being the root cause of perpetuating this animal holocaust simply in what they choose to continue to purchase with their money & charitable donations too. EVOLVE "people"! No offense, of course. Please forgive me for being so wordy here I'm just trying to save lives. Oh, I temporarily forgot you don't care about that do you? My bad. On a more positive note, there is a health based website www.nutritionfacts.org that is slowly changing this world and appeals to selfish people like my mother and 5 siblings along with others in the above 90% bracket who will eventually change as a result of Dr. Michael Gregor who I saw speak in 2002 at that animal rights conference. Thank goodness for the exponentially growing list of physician's (www.PCRM.org) like him! Also, way beyond this in effectual future positive change are groups like: The Good Food Institute (www.gfi.org) in Washington, DC. They clearly understand the nature of the average human and as a result are in the process of duplicating with scientists and other companies in increasing the flavor of VEGAN & cleaner animal cell cultured lab grown beef, hamburger, chicken, ham, steak, etc......... and when the price is LOWER most "people" of Earth will act accordingly in typical self-centered fashion and buy these newer & healthier tasty non-animal meat analogs and the animal cell-based lab creations due to saving money and still choosing their own taste buds and wallets of course over any animal brutality concerns whatsoever or even saving the planet itself! For example, the way dairy milk sales have decreased dramatically due to the healthier numerous more delicious plant based milk alternative "equivalents".

One more FINAL thing---this time I mean it for sure, Detective Columbo coming to the end here! A few months ago I had an intuitive reading with a clear channel Medium who told me that Archangel Ariel was stepping forward with a quick message for me before starting the reading. It was that MOST humans on Earth in 2018 are horrible (looks like I was right after-all) and directly from the spirit world too! But not all of them are horrible and that more wonderfully good and younger souls incarnating on Earth will make things much better someday! If you happen to be one of the good ones that are presently in the minority on this planet then I want to rent a reasonably priced room from you for sure! Spending $900.00 a month on my own studio apartment in a quiet area is a total ripoff to pay. Or, just helping me out with activism at Yale would be suffice too.

In case you were wondering about my sisters:
Older sister:
"Don't even tell me, I don't want to know": 2003
Younger sister:
"I don't want to live forever": 1997
Despite 2 decades later they still continue to engage in eating hot dogs & sausage (remember that pig sanctuary I visited?), meatballs, chicken, hamburgers and more at ever rare holiday/birthday family gatherings these days, thank goodness for that! To hell with what their very own brother thinks and feels along with his ability to prove it. AND, as far as the third brother goes he is almost always making mockery of my "beliefs" when the subject comes up. STILL no change for any of these 5 siblings even when my younger sister graciously allowed me and a few activists to stay in her apartment for 4 days in 1997 for that animal rights conference! In closing: Now you know for sure without a doubt that I was correct in putting quotation marks around the word: people. In addition, of the 11 replies I received to this ad only one agreed with me in acknowledging the above truths even though the websites I listed would have proven all that I wrote. Do you further see what I mean now about "people"? Ironically, if you do the math this fractional quantity equals roughly the 10% figure I cited above, unbelievable!
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